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Business Consulting

Offering specialised professional assistance, strategic advice and practical support to professional firms and other organisations so as to improve and optimise their organisational procedures, motivate their workforce and increase the overall levels of performance across the board.

Executive Coaching

Supporting and empowering professionals so as to fulfil their aspirations, attain their professional goals, polish their legal business acumen and tap into their full potential.

Workshops and Seminars

Designing and delivering highly interactive and uniquely engaging workshops helping professional organisations create winning teams and highly productive professionals.

Public Speaking

Designing and delivering highly engaging, deeply impactful and uniquely inspiring speeches on a wide array of topics.

The MARVEL of Engagement™

Turning Passive Employees into Active Ambassadors

In The MARVEL of Engagement, Philippos Aristotelous offers a practical resource for enhancing employee engagement.

Readers will learn:
  • Common myths and truths about employee engagement;
  • The six components of the MARVEL of Engagement™ model—Meaning, Autonomy, Relatedness, Values, Experience and Learning—and the research that supports them;
  • Five critical tools for applying the MARVEL concepts; and
  • What the MARVEL concepts look like in action, using real-life case studies.
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