Helping professionals up their game

Executive Coaching

Supporting and empowering professionals so as to fulfill their aspirations, hone their mindset, attain their professional goals, polish their business acumen and tap into their full potential.

Together we will take your game to a whole new level.

Professionals greatly benefit from working with a coach so as to become more efficient and organised, improve the quality of their services, manage their time more effectively and generate higher revenue streams by working smarter and becoming more aware of the value of their professional time so as to be able to charge accordingly.

Philippos is an experienced business coach who helps professionals tap into their full potential (European Mentoring & Coaching Council – EQA Foundation level accreditation).

The areas you can work on with Philippos include:

  • Executive coaching
  • Self-improvement
  • Discovery and refinement of personal “why” / personal mission
  • Effective communication (internal and external)
  • Self-motivation
  • Working smarter and reaching multiple goals at once
  • Client development
  • Assistance with performance management
  • Marketing for professionals 
  • Personal branding
  • Business development
  • Sales skills for professionals
  • Leadership
  • Performance
  • Team-building and people skills
  • The path to partnership 
  • Career progression
  • Effective networking
  • Delegating and managing staff and professionals  
  • Assistance with legal directories (Legal500, Chambers & Partners etc)
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Presenting to professionals and other professionals (How to present to internal and external clients);
  • Time management

Through Philippos’ 15 year career as a lawyer and senior partner in Cyprus’ largest law firm, participants of this unique lawyers’ business coaching program can gain a valuable insight in the realities as well as the challenges and opportunities of practicing law in Cyprus as well as on matters concerning career progression in legal and other professional firms and generally on all realms of the professional business industry in Cyprus.

Helping professionals up their game

Together we shall build the foundation of your professional excellence.

Our coaching programs are also available for professionals who decide to set up their own practice and who would like guidance and professional assistance in all aspects of their new venture including assistance with:

Strategic planning

Assistance with formulating the strategy of your new business as well as in setting goals and in monitoring performance of goals and overall progress in the organisation.

Operational issues

Assistance and planning with operational issues concerning the financial, business and management aspects of the business.

Vision, mission and overall direction of the practice

Exploring and discovering the overall vision, values and mission of the founder and the practice by applying a diligent, thorough and systematic process.

Business development

Assistance with identifying and exploring new markets as well as with formulating and introducing new service lines by matching resources and skills with opportunities

Effective legal marketing

With the help of our affiliates we can offer top level legal marketing services by navigating the lawyers ethics minefield and exploring digital tools and cutting-edge technology.

Content marketing

We can help in formulating and implementing a content marketing strategy and in providing advice on content related ideas and themes.
What They Say

Knowing Philippos for approximately 20 years, the decision to select him as coach for our firm was easy. I have always respected and admired his devotion to detail and in-depth analysis of subject matter. He always had a passion for outstanding delivery in whatever he was involved in, be the legal sales, legal argument... or magic tricks! But knowing him and his background was not a spoiler. I must admit that his seminar exceeded my expectations by far, giving me and my team every possible reason to give the strongest recommendation about him to any law firm wishing to increase its sale capacities and customer care skills.

Agis GeorgiadesPartner at Christos Georgiades & Associated LLC

I have retained Philppos for his professional services several times so far and I have always been really impressed with the passion he has for his job, his down-to-earth character, the inspired way he delivers, and his love for his mission. Philppos provides an excellent service, and his knowledge is exceptional. I feel that many great things will come with his new role due to his views and participation and I am proud to call him a friend. Highly recommended.

Christos A. TheophilouPartner | International Tax | Transfer Pricing | Speaker | Author | Lecturer ADIT-Principles of International Taxation

'Charismatic' is the phrase that comes to my mind whenever I think of Philippos.I have had the pleasure of knowing Philippos for several years and worked with him as one of my business mentors.Above all,I was impressed with Philippos analytical mind and practical tips as well as his personality.As a business mentor Philippos earns my highest recommendations.

Stavros ChristouManaging Partner of SC&P LLC

After just 2 sessions with Philippos, I am already feeling much more confident in my abilities going forward. Having spent most of my professional life working in litigation, I felt that it was time to work on the corporate side in more detail than I have done in the past. As soon as I saw his post on Facebook about his new beginning, I immediately felt that this was the sort of person that I have been looking for in the past few months, for brainstorming and inspiration even! His knowledge on the subject matters that we have discussed is very detailed and his ability to think of all the options and problems that may arise on a case by case basis have already helped me. His vast experience has been of great assistance in seeing questions that may arise and ways of dealing with such questions and issues. I am very much looking forward to continuing our sessions as I feel that I have a lot to learn from him.

Marianna LamariLawyer/Partner & Co-founder of LMK Advocates

After completing my sessions, I must admit that they have been most productive, useful and very positive for both professional and personal levels. Philippos is a very helpful, insightful coach who provides very practical and individual focused advice and tips based on the experiences/situation the professional is dealing with. I can warmly recommend Phillipos; he is highly professional, competent and an excellent coach. Highly recommended to professionals who want to expand their horizons and think out of the box!

Constantinos PieridesCo Founder

What inspired me about Philippos the most is how able and willing he is to communicate and share all that he knows. This is very inspiring as it is coming from a genuine need to create value... Another truly valuable lesson that I learned from Philippos and I am very grateful for, is how to properly develop a kind of a systems' thinking and therefore be more efficient in life. Honestly, I can’t recommend him highly enough for both personal and professional development coaching!

Roxanne FrantzisLawyer & Content-Writing Professional
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