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The MARVEL of Happiness™

Principles, Stories & Lessons for Living Fully

In today’s turbulent times, with the compounding impact of global political, economic and health crises affecting our collective state of well-being, the search for meaning and happiness has become more relevant than ever.

In The MARVEL of Happiness: Principles, Stories and Lessons for Living Fully, Philippos Aristotelous unravels the elusive thread of happiness by taking the reader on an unusual journey from deep sea corals to Mount Everest’s precarious summit, from chilled nectarines to oozing souffles, from medieval archers to couch potatoes, and from pole vaulters to forest bathers, in pursuit of the principles that can lead us to fulfillment.

If you are looking for happiness—and aren’t we all?—Philippos sets out the seven deadly myths that may be getting in your way and the MARVEL principles that can help you in your quest, all the while weaving in wisdom from ancient philosophers, contemporary scientists, and personal experience.

MARVEL in the Press

Praise for the MARVEL of Happiness

Aristototelous, a successful attorney as well as author and songwriter, functions out of both sides of his brain as a linear legal thinker, as well as a creative ie. author and songwriter. Philoppos captures both sides of the brain in his concept of achieving happiness. He helps us move toward self-actualization whether one is a straight line point A to point B literalist or a creative who skates the universe.
As I say – Sign Me Up!

Pam Mark Hall - Six-time Grammy nominated Songwriter/Producer

The book is packed with quotes from everyone from Aristotle and Schopenhauer to Seth Godin and Derren Brown (all properly annotated in over 250 footnotes) and, perhaps more importantly, sup- ported by stories from his own life, which reveal both success and failure, doubts and certainty, correct and wrong decisions. He notes, ‘The fact that you are reading this book right now, a book on happi- ness, is a testament to the relentless audacity of a creative child trapped inside the body of an adult. Meet yours truly.’
It’s a pleasure to meet Philippos Aristotelous, and he is absolutely right in his belief that the universal quest for happiness is a Marvel- lous pursuit indeed.

John Vickers, Senior Executive Editor, English Media, IMH

The Marvel of Happiness puts forth a method towards fitting together the pieces of the happiness puzzle. For so many of us these puzzle pieces never quite fit and in the pursuit of this we often question “why?” or “what's missing?” This is a must read for those seeking answers to these questions and for those looking to align and place the pieces of their own happiness puzzle together.

Anna McAfee, Author of How a Hashtag Changed the World

It’s a book with plenty of breadth and depth. You will read about the meaning of meaning, autonomy as a relative concept, relatedness as enriching interaction, experience as past exploits and future endeavors, and learning as an essential pivot for the pursuit of happiness.You will not become happier after you read this book but you will learn a lot on how to get there. And you might well be persuaded to take some new actions so you enjoy the journey.

Dimis Michaelides - Author and Facilitator in innovation, creativity and leadership

Philippos Aristotelous leads us on a quest to uncover the roots of happiness. He accomplishes this elusive mission with humour, a relatable tone, science and vivid anecdotes. Along the way, he amuses with quotes from Greek philosophers, citations from social scientists and references from happiness researchers. He also dispels common myths about happiness and offers a bounty of gems backed with tons of research and life experiences. Happiness may be an elusive undertaking for most mortals, but with Philippos as our happiness guide, we can take comfort in knowing that we are on the right track.

Thales Panagides, entrepreneur, author of Odyssey to the Heart

Reading through the pages of the book is like riding a fast car with a smooth engine, the use of the English language and the writing style prompt the reader to turn the pages at exhilarating speed. The richness of sources the author uses to inform his thesis, ranging from ancient academics to modern day practitioners, provide a wealth of knowledge and ideas that sustain his ‘marvel’ scheme in a vigorous and alluring manner. It is certainly difficult to write a book on happiness. Philippos succeeds in producing such a book that, we, as readers, can embrace since our choice to read it, as the author says: “[…] is a testament to the relentless audacity of a creative child trapped inside the body of an adult.”

Dr. Vicky Triga- Assis.Prof. Dptm of Communication and Internet Studies, Cyprus University of Technology

Initially I was curious about the book, but while reading it I began to feel that it was important and relevant for my life to get some structured, well-reasoned answers. I got them here, and I hope you will get them too. Philippos helps you throughout the MARVEL journey with his wisdom, humour and time-proven stories and lively examples, so this should well become on the top of your must-reads.’

Jānis Taukačs, Partner, Tax & Customs, Sorainen
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