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Workshops and Seminars

Designing and delivering highly interactive and uniquely engaging workshops and seminars so as to help professional organisations create winning and highly productive teams.

Inspired conception. Creative design. Impactful delivery.

The unprecedented pace of technological advancements as well as the tsunami of new regulations and compliance requirements in the legal, financial and tax world have rendered the need for training and retraining of human resources a must for all future-embracing organisations.

To ensure that a professional organisation remains competitive, it should ensure that its employees and managers are kept fully up to speed with the latest developments in their field.

Managing people is one of the sheltered skills that is not expected to be automated in the foreseeable future. Providing management and leadership training to one’s existing or aspiring managers and leaders of tomorrow therefore becomes of paramount importance.

Sales, marketing and communication skills are also becoming critical for professionals. We live in a market that is becoming increasingly competitive not only in light of thousands of new entrants taking advantage of the low set-up costs (afforded by cheaper access to cutting edge technologies and affordable high-speed broadband platforms) but also in light of disruptive smart technologies posing a direct threat to traditional businesses and business models.

Professionals need to up their game and be ready to “get out there” to attract new work so as to be able to help their firms retain their competitive edge as well as attract and keep new customers.

There is no doubt that soft skills are slowly becoming the hard skills of the future. Some of the areas you can work on with Philippos include:

  • Management / Leadership
  • Executive presence
  • Creative thinking
  • Fostering innovation
  • Sales skills
  • Self-Leadership
  • Active listening
  • Customer Service
  • Time management
  • Employees’ motivation
  • Team building
  • Public speaking
  • Goal Setting
  • Influence and persuasion   
  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Writing reports and proposals
  • Skills for success
  • Building relationships
  • Conflict management
  • Creativity for innovation
  • Performance management
  • Business leadership
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Management across cultures
  • Communication strategies
  • Networking skills
  • Story management
  • Strategic planning
  • Creating winning proposals
  • Getting stuff done
  • Critical thinking
  • Consulting
  • Building a brand
  • Critical elements of customer service
  • Other
Turning workshops into unique experiences

Workshops and Seminars

Philippos’ seminars and workshops are fully customised to meet the requirements, needs and demands of the target audience. The exact content and duration of the workshop depends on the exact needs of the professional organisation and the objectives to be sought and delivered through the course.

All courses are designed in an interactive, fun and engaging manner so as to ensure that the objectives set are met in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Philippos is a certified trainer by the Human Resources Development Authority (“HRDA”) in Cyprus and is therefore in a position to design and deliver workshops and seminars to professional organisations and firms whose funding can be approved and subsidised by HRDA.

Furthermore, Philippos is often invited to design and deliver workshops on the subject matter of the future of work and employees’ engagement and motivation on the basis of his flagship MARVEL Model explored in Philippos’ highly praised book titled “The MARVEL of Engagement: Turning Passive Employees into Active Ambassadors”) published in 2019 and featured in Amazon.

What They Say

Philippos combines a rare blend of extensive professional experience drawn from his fifteen year career in the legal profession and a unique talent as an impactful speaker and an effective communicator of inspiring ideas and critically current themes that can truly help professional organizations level up and move to the next level.

George MountisPartner at Dr K. Chrysostomides & Co

Thank you Philippos Aristotelous for a most enjoyable and thought-provoking presentation to our partners today, on the importance of #EmployeeEngagement! The 6 components of MARVEL are excellent pillars to build upon.

Evelina GeorgiadesDirector Of Dr. K. Chrysostomides LLC

The seminar "Highly Effective Sales Skills for Law Firms" was multifacted, interactive and full of valuable information. Philippos using an intelligent way adapted the basic sales and networking skills of legal professions based on today's business environment. Also, he went one step further and he provided an extensive analysis of some necessary sales and networking tools of our "digital future". This seminar is the missing part of the development of our industry.

Panagiotis ZevlarisAdvocate at E & G Economides LLC

I've had the pleasure attending a couple of seminars organised in the legal sector, with Philippos as key speaker. The latest one was BEST LEGAL VI Annual Conference. Justified from his knowledge and experience in legal practice for many years, his approach in his opening speech in the First Plenary session, was unique and gave all of the attendees a feeling of comfort, that the future may be here, but "Surviving and Thriving in a World Constantly Shaping by Technology" (sic), can be future proof for professionals, when fundamental key factors are present. Having said that, Philippos knocked it out of the park in the evening's session, when, he 'marvelled' the audience with his workshop in management of a professional service firms. His approach was hands down, motivational, inspiring and highly hopeful that a boss can be a leader just by following Philippos's M.A.R.V.E.L. concept of engagement. His skills and views in company leadership strategies make him an invaluable addition to your company's development and performance, while his fun and friendly personality are just the icing on the cake of his many other qualifications. PS: If by any chance, you are a chief executive and reading this, his latest book "The MARVEL of Engagement" is highly recommended.

Constantinos PavlouLawyer / Managing Partner at Constantinos Pavlou & Co LLC

Knowing Philippos for approximately 20 years, the decision to select him as coach for our firm was easy. I have always respected and admired his devotion to detail and in-depth analysis of subject matter. He always had a passion for outstanding delivery in whatever he was involved in, be the legal sales, legal argument... or magic tricks! But knowing him and his background was not a spoiler. I must admit that his seminar exceeded my expectations by far, giving me and my team every possible reason to give the strongest recommendation about him to any law firm wishing to increase its sale capacities and customer care skills.

Agis GeorgiadesPartner at Christos Georgiades & Associated LLC

I have had the pleasure of attending a training designed by Philippos in relation to the importance of having a great customer service in the context of the professional services sector. Philippos is a highly competent person with excellent communication skills as he has the ability to connect with the audience. His training courses are exceptional and really useful because he was able to introduce different ideas through the workshops which have formed part of my daily professional life. Phillippos is an organised coach and provides great trainings with his positive attitude. It was a pleasure to attend the workshop! I highly recommend Philippos trainings to everyone!

Xenia KasapiHead of Intellectual Property & Data Protection Dep. at Totalserve Group

In an endless sea of self-help gurus, motivators as well as life and professional coaches, I find Philippos to be a refreshing breeze of difference; the reason being that unlike many others, Philippos has already established himself in the context of a successful long-term career as a lawyer and senior partner in a major law firm and now he is transitioning his career in a different direction while taking onboard all of the expertise, knowledge, skills and life experience in pursuing his biggest yet life mission. Truly remarkable path and a highly recommended professional to be followed.

Tatiana LipertiMaritime professional

An exceptional individual, who has a burning desire to make people shine! With his attractive personality and coaching attitude, Philippos is a person who can upgrade your lifestyle for good!

George VoniatisDeck Officer on a 45m superyacht, sailing around Mediteranean waters

I have recently attended a two-day seminar called ‘The MARVEL of Engagement: Motivation management for improved performance' by Philippos and was very impressed. The seminar was managed in an exceptional manner by him and he fully engaged the participants. There were a lot of group discussions, a lot of teamwork and a lot of fun. I would highly recommend him and hope to attend other workshops or seminars by Philippos.

Andreas StavrouExperienced sales and marketing manager

Professional. Educated. Knowledgeable. Communicator. I strongly recommend him. Well Done Philippos. I am confident about your success.

Marios MelasProcurement Manager at KEAN SOFT DRINKS LTD
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