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Philippos unique series of professional talks on motivation, management and leadership are the first of their kind.

The ABRACADABRA lecture series is a unique series of professional lectures on management, leadership and employees’ motivation designed and delivered by Philippos Aristotelous. The event constitutes a keynote speech on hot organisational topics combined with a hint of magic and followed by a networking event. It is attended by professionals representing some of the most prominent professional organisations in Cyprus.

How can we engage, captivate and empower ourselves and others into consistent inspired action? How can we become better and more productive as professionals, managers and leaders with an enhanced sense of meaningfulness and job satisfaction leading our teams and businesses into more optimised levels of performance and overall success?

What tools and paradigm shifts are required to allow us

To move away from traditional management systems that are often plagued by demotivated underperformers into flourishing and thriving modern professional environments where both employees and employers are equally motivated with a common set of goals and vision?

Known for his unconventional public speaking style

And his lifelong passion for magic as the Art of Enchantment, "Abracadabra" comprises of Philippos' completely unique approach and presentation of the core ingredients for achieving long-lasting change and positive impact in professional environments and organisations.

Scenes from Abracadabra

Instilled with Philippos' near 15 year hands-on, "tried and tested" experience as a former senior partner and head of one of the most financially successful teams in Cyprus, the Abracadabra lecture series are not events to be missed.

What They Say

“Having recently attended Philippos’ “Abracadabra” keynote speech for professionals, the only word that comes to my mind is... ingenious! Philippos’ gift as a charismatic speaker shines through a rare blend of masterful storytelling, magical artistry and deep knowledge of current organisational challenges in the modern workplace. I will definitely be attending Philippos' future events and I can highly recommend him as a very effective and highly skilled public speaker. Always an inspiration!

Marianna Prokopi DemetriadesManaging Director, TheraMIR Limited

Philippos managed to inspire, uplift and captivate an entire audience during his flagship "Abracadabra" keynote speech. With his sharp-witted personality and uplift tempo, he was very relaxed, consistent and capable of transmitting to an audience comprising of more than 150 participants (coming from very diverse professional backgrounds) his key points in an effective, clear and logical manner. The content of his keynote speech itself was very interesting, introducing new conceptual ideas and management techniques that I, for sure, will be using in the future.

Christos EvripidouAudit supervisor, Moore Stephens

Philippos, just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed the opportunity to attend your ABRACADABRA event! Your presentation skills and your ability to connect and engage with the audience, as well of course as the content of the presentation, made the whole experience really thought-provoking and rewarding! Thank you Philippos and really looking forward to your next event!

Victor IoannidesManaging Director, Bupa Cyprus

The abstract given by Philippos to his Abracadabra event was good enough to engage my interest to attend. The event itself was indeed magical! Meeting all expectations of making theme applicable to all levels of management in whatever line of work you are in. Philippos is an outstanding speaker, he kept the audience enthused at all times. I would definitely recommend and encourage to attend talks offered by Philippos.

Antonis PhilippouHead of Mathematics and Examinations Officer at The Heritage Private School

I recently had the chance to attend Philippos Aristotelous' Abracadabra event. Philippos' style of sharing the content of his presentation and his constant and authentic engagement with the audience not only kept the subject matter interesting but also allowed the audience to easily relate to the scenarios he was referring to. Looking forward to attending the next one.

Constantina MitsingasManaging Partner at Constantina Mitsingas & Associates LCC

I was recently fortunate enough to attend Philippos Aristotelous' Abracadabra event. This was the first time I had attended an event of Philippos and I will definitely be following his work and going to future events. He was able to connect extremely well with the audience and keep us interested at all times. His examples were clear and real - you could easily imagine yourself in his scenarios. To conclude, I believe to be a trainer and a coach is something you need to have and Philippos definitely has it. Well done on a very successful event!

Vangelis PteroudisFinance Manager at Columbia Shipmanagement

Who should attend?

The lectures are aimed at busy professionals, managers as well as leaders who would like to optimise their jobs or the jobs of their team members and who would like to discover highly impactful, inspiring and practical ways of building winning teams comprising of individuals who are motivated, inspired and self-driven to wake up in the morning to go to work so as to contribute and be part of a highly productive and future embracing team.

Professionals who want to take their game to the next level

By understanding the keys to motivation a professional can tap into her full potential and bring her whole self at work.

Managers, leaders and executives wishing to motivate their teams and colleagues into consistent and persistent inspired action

Abracadabra is focused on key ingredients and non-material components of consistent and inspired action. It is ideal for managers, team leaders and executives wishing not only to adopt the right  conceptual mindset but also to be supplied with a practical toolkit containing those vital strategies, techniques and skills that will help them boost their teams thereby increasing the overall levels of productivity and happiness in the workplace.

HR professionals wishing to help their organisations create winning teams

HR professionals will obtain highly valuable insights into key research and survey findings behind the challenging field of employees’ engagement and motivation as well as acquire vital knowledge of key practical tools that can be used in the workplace for significantly improving morale and motivation thereby increasing the overall levels of productivity as well as optimising their firm’s employees retention rates.

Anyone who wants to develop the right skills and mindset to succeed at work in the modern age

The key concepts and themes explored and revealed during Abracadabra events are also suitable for everyone who is interested in exploring and becoming acquainted with further concepts, tools, principles and ideas in the continuous journey of their own self-discovery and the pursuit of their own self-mastery.

Find out more

Find the MAGIC inside of you now!


Good to Marvellous - Building Tomorrow's Leaders

good to marvellous

Good to Marvellous – Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

Join us for an exclusive 6-hour masterclass that promises to shift your professional trajectory from good to marvellous. Designed specifically for leaders, C-level executives and aspiring professionals ready to elevate their potential, and anyone committed to personal and professional growth, this immersive experience will harness the power of the MARVEL model to redefine the way you lead, work, and live.

Introducing the MARVEL Model:

  • Meaning – Dive deep into the essence of perception and vision, empowering you to redefine the impact you wish to create. Sharpen your vision and heighten your personal and workplace awareness, become aware of your mental models and learn to navigate and reframe inherent biases.
  • Autonomy – Strike the perfect balance between decisive action and procedural adherence, become attuned to the inherence workings of creativity in the backdrop of structure, cultivating robust habits and systems.
  • Relatedness – Foster enduring relationships through enhanced connectivity and empathetic engagement.
  • Values – Unearth and align your core values to serve as your compass in both life and career decisions.
  • Experience – Embolden yourself by setting aspirational goals and expanding your mastery across diverse domains.
  • Learning – Commit to lifelong learning, using knowledge as your shield against stagnation and fear.

Event Details:

  • Venue: The Four Seasons Hotel – An oasis of luxury, setting the stage for transformation.
  • Date: February 15, 2023 – Mark the date for an investment in your future.
  • Inclusion: Indulge in a curated experience with gourmet lunch and refreshing coffee breaks.

Exclusive Offerings:

  • Early Bird Special: Register by December 15, 2023, for an attractive price of EUR 270 plus VAT.
  • Standard Admission: Tickets available post early bird period for EUR 350 plus VAT.
  • Deluxe Edition Book: Each participant will receive a signed, hardcover, personally dedicated deluxe limited edition of “The Marvel of Happiness,” which will serve as a guide for and beyond the course.

Limited Seats Available – Elevate Your Professional Game

At the heart of the experience is the opportunity to not just learn, but to transform. Engage with the content that has shaped leaders and professionals across industries and step into a realm of enhanced capability. Your journey from good to marvellous starts here.

[Apply Now] (Button linking to registration)

Transition from Good to Marvellous 

Step into the Four Seasons Hotel, leave with a vision that propels you forward. This isn’t just a course; it’s a catalyst for enduring excellence. Are you ready to become the leader of tomorrow?

Secure your spot for an experience that redefines growth.

[Reserve Your Seat] (Button linking to registration)

Connect, Grow, Lead – From Good to Marvellous.

Introducing MARVEL Masterclasses

An elite series of workshops designed to elevate your professional prowess to unprecedented heights. Rooted in the transformative concepts of the renowned MARVEL framework, these masterclasses are meticulously tailored to empower you to harness your inner potential and ‘up your game’ in the competitive landscape of business and leadership.
marvel masterclasss
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