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Welcome to MARVEL Talks, E20, where we’re pleased to welcome Michael Virardi, a best-selling author of two books, a trainer, speaker and a proud father of three children. 

Michael is known for his dynamic approach to public speaking, leadership development, and his innovative strategies for personal and organisational success.

In this episode, we uncover:

*  Transitioning from the family business into the speaking world .

* The three greatest challenges in leadership.

* Tips and pitfalls for aspiring coaches.

* The price dilemma: What to charge?

*  To niche or not to niche.

*  Work-Life fit

*  More!

For more on Michael Virardi:

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Michael’s commitment to excellence is evident through his profound impact on individuals and businesses worldwide. As a mentor, he has inspired countless professionals to achieve their highest potential, making him a pivotal figure in the realms of personal development and business leadership.

Join us as we dive into the inspiring world of self-improvement, leadership, and the power of positive change with one of the industry’s most charismatic figures.

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