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Welcome to Episode 23 of #marveltalks, featuring a riveting talk with Marinos Cleanthous, an established Intellectual Property Lawyer, author and the Vice President of the Democratic Alliance party in Cyprus.

In this conversation, we delve into a thematically diverse ‘rabbit hole’, covering a vast range of topics including:

👉 Marinos’ journey into the realm of intellectual property law and the evolution of his passion for safeguarding creative works.

👉 The process of transforming an idea from a mere thought to something that can be legally protected, and the challenges therein.

👉 How Marinos’ legal team locked horns with the lawyers of the blockbuster series “Friends” in a fascinating case involving a bar in Agia Napa.

👉 Led Zeppelin being sued for allegedly copying the melody of Stairway to Heaven from an 1968 instrumental piece and the final outcome.

👉 The pressing challenges AI presents to intellectual property law, especially regarding AI-generated content.

👉 The background of Marinos involvement in the Cyprus’s political scene and his perspectives on the ideological landscape of Cyprus.

👉 The intractability of the Cyprus problem and a fresh approach.

👉 Insights from Marinos’ experience as one of the four chasers in the popular TV game”The Chase,” reflecting on the challenges and how such experiences enrich one’s personality and approach to learning and success.

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