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An experiment was carried out in a school involving fifty shiny red balloons. 

A balloon was handed to every student to inflate, write their name on and throw it in the hallway. 

The teacher then mixed up all the balloons and gave the students five minutes to each locate their own.

The fired-up students propelled themselves forward only to bump into each other within seconds and get frustrated with no student locating their own balloon within the designated time frame.

The teacher then gave the students five more minutes and a new instruction:

The students were to grab the first balloon on their way and pass it to the person whose name was written on it.

In less than three minutes, all balloons were successfully distributed to their rightful owner.

The teacher then turned to the students and said:

“Our self-focus in searching for our own balloon resembles the pursuit of our own individual success at the expense of others. We’ll never find success if everyone is merely looking for their own. 

But if we care about other people’s success… we’ll attain ours too.”

Whether in life or in business, no man is an island. 

Our success in leading future embracing firms lies in our ability to build great teams whose members place synergy over individualism; collective progress over individual vanity.

A great team comprises of people who see the value in lifting each other up and in embracing win-win propositions instead of tearing each other down and being blinded by win-lose paradigms.

When we all help each other win, the organisation wins and the benefits trickle down to each and every individual.

How about you?

Do you lead an integrated team comprising of team players who share a common vision and values or an assembly of individual goal-setters who merely strive for their own gold?

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