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When tasked with delivering trainings on corporate values and culture enhancement, I draw on an analogy between leadership and the meticulous craft of baking. Leadership, much like the baker’s quest for the perfect loaf, is an ongoing effort to shape and refine an organization’s culture. This task is Sisyphean; unlike bakers, leaders work towards a ‘perfect’ corporate culture that remains ever-elusive.

Today’s fast-paced, volatile world presents all organizations with a common challenge: organizational inertia. This phenomenon, deeply rooted in the established culture, manifests as resistance to change, reflecting the natural rigidity within corporate structures.

In the latest episode of my podcast, Marvel Talks, I hosted Marios Loucaides, a seasoned consultant and family business governance advisor.

In addition to a great array of fascinating topics we covered, ranging from the challenges and opportunities in family business governance to key universal principles of effective leadership and of ¬†systematising innovation, Marios also shared his lifelong hobby for bread-making, a skill he honed while working in his grandfather’s bakery. This revelation provided a perfect segue to explore the parallels between kneading dough and shaping corporate culture.

Our discussion unveiled several universal lessons from baking that resonate with corporate culture:

Continuous Experimentation: Just as bakers test various ingredients to achieve the perfect dough, cultivating a corporate culture demands relentless innovation and open-mindedness.

Awareness of External Environment: Bakers must consider external factors like weather and temperature, analogous to leaders who must navigate market trends and external influences on organisational culture and employee engagement.

Patience and Long-term Vision: Building a corporate culture, much like baking, requires patience and a focus on long-term outcomes, ensuring efforts today yield sustainable success tomorrow.

Leaders, akin to passionate bakers, must remain diligent and purposeful in enacting changes that align the organization’s culture with its strategic vision and objectives.

Embracing a mindset of exploration and patience while staying responsive to the external environment is crucial for fostering a culture that propels an organization towards success.

I’m eager to hear your perspectives on these reflections.


P.S.: For a deeper dive, check out the full Episode 21 of Marvel Talks. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for further insights into professional success.

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