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Falling In Love With Sales

Rana is a world renowned sales coach who has worked in a variety of sales roles, from recruitment, employment services, real estate, training services, to selling software. 

She currently runs her own sales training, coaching and consulting business. 2020 has been a great year for Rana following also the delivery in March of her successful TEDx talk on “How you Can Achieve Anything in Life By Learning How to Sell”, and was recently featured in Yahoo Finance as one of The Top 10 Sales Coaches thriving in 2020.

During our talk we discussed:-

-How to achieve anything in life by learning how to sell

-The core skills involved in effective sales today

-The importance of building a personal brand 

-How to deal with rejection in an effective way without losing enthusiasm 

-Cold-selling: Is it dead?

-The surefire way of failing to sell your products of services

-Building rapport and selling online


Streamed Live

The episode broadcasted LIVE simultaneously on Philippos Facebook page and his Youtube Channel on 2 July 2020.

To watch / listen CLICK on one of the channel icons below:

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