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In this issue, we’re exploring life through the lens of an accountant, seeing our journey as an intricate balance between debits and credits.

Imagine, for a moment, that our rights, privileges, freedoms, pleasures and affordances are our life’s ‘credits’. These are the joyous colors that paint our world with excitement and anticipation. On the other side of the ledger, we have ‘debits’: our duties, responsibilities, obligations -familial, civic, professional and other – and the effort and discipline that shape our character and add depth to our experience.

A life overwhelmed with ‘credits’, without the counterbalance of ‘debits’, may seem idyllic but it is often more a curse than a blessing. Such life can become monochromatic, devoid of the rich textures that challenges and responsibilities provide. Conversely, a life dominated by ‘debits’—a marathon of duties with no respite—can be exhausting and joyless.

In the grand scheme, a fulfilling life masterfully balances these debits and credits. It is an interplay of rights and duties, personal freedom, and societal responsibilities. This delicate dance creates a rich narrative, an exquisite melody of experiences that are as meaningful as they are varied.

To bring this philosophy to life, let’s consider four individuals:

  • Emma: An entrepreneur, Emma thrives on the ‘credit’ side: autonomy, financial freedom, and the thrill of innovation. However, she also recognizes her ‘debits’: the long hours, the tough decisions, the responsibility towards her employees and investors. It’s this dance that adds depth and meaning to her journey.
  • Thomas: A public servant, Thomas is rooted in the ‘debits’: his duties to the community, his responsibility to uphold the law. At the same time, he relishes his ‘credits’: the respect of his peers, the satisfaction of making a difference. His balance fuels his motivation and dedication.
  • Rebecca: A university student, Rebecca oscillates between the ‘credits’ of academic privilege, intellectual freedom, and the ‘debits’ of discipline, ethical responsibility. This balancing act enriches her educational experience.
  • Jonas: A freelancer business consultant, father of two who recently quit his 9-5 job and is now afforded with much needed free time, he balances the ‘credit’ of his newly found freedom with the ‘debit’ of taking care of his family and children.

How can we strike this balance? Here are three actionable insights:

  • Acknowledge both your debits and credits: Appreciate the symbiotic relationship between your rights and responsibilities.
  • Cultivate balance: Seek to fulfill your duties while enjoying your privileges.
  • Embrace the fluidity of balance: The equilibrium between ‘debits’ and ‘credits’ will shift throughout your life. Adaptability is crucial.

Now, it’s your turn. How does your balance sheet of life look? How have the ‘debits’ and ‘credits’ shaped your journey? I look forward to hearing your stories.

To living a life balanced in debits and credits!

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P.S. I’m excited to share that the 2nd expanded and upgraded edition of my book, “The Marvel of Happiness: Principles, Stories and Lessons on Living Fully,” is now available. For a deeper dive into the intriguing dance between duties and freedoms, and other ‘yin and yang’ juxtapositions, I invite you to explore it here. Unearth the many layers of these concepts and enrich your understanding of life’s balance.

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