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Unpeeling the onion


You cannot quit your day job without a plan B. It is equal to suicide.

It is too late to pursue your dreams as you have been doing something totally different for your entire life.
You are a d e l u s i o n a l wannabe.

You cannot start your own business as the only thing you’ve been doing your entire life is be an employee of someone else. You will starve.

You cannot imagine a world in which your parents aren’t alive and well in it.

You cannot come out as a gay person as the world will be shocked and will turn their back on you forever.

You cannot imagine leaving from a broken marriage because you will suffer forever.

You cannot imagine a life whereby you will work from home and decide to no longer wear a suit. You have been wearing suits your entire life.

The onion represents what we perceive as our cemented inevitable and inescapable reality.

Each individual layer represents a fear; a preconception; a prejudice; a social programme embedded deep within our social DNA since the day we were born; an “inescapable” reality. A life full of layers comprising of inevitable realities.

The irreducible core of the onion, i.e the only true essence of our very being, is much smaller than we actually think. By stripping the onion from all unnecessary layers, by removing all the clutter that has been accumulating and building up over the years, one can be truly reborn and reinvented.

We can rewrite the DNA of our destiny and re-sculpt the shape of our whole existence. All it takes is a truly brave and bold decision…. to see b e y o n d the layers and delve into the heart of the onion.

Onion tears are actually tears of freedom and liberation.

Are you ready to start the unpeeling process?

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