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60,000 Thoughts. Per Day.

According to cutting edge studies in neurobiology, the average human mind generates approximately 60,000 thoughts every single day.

Out of these thoughts, a staggering 95% comprises of repeated patterns and looping thoughts.

If we could connect your mind to an external loud speaker and let your thoughts manifest and express themselves in the form of normal speech you could convince yourself that you are insane.

And so would I and every single one of us.

Our mind’s single task is not to make us happy; nor to lead us to the ultimate truth.

Rather, our mind’s single task us to make us feel safe; to help us survive against real dangers or threats generated out of our mind’s neurotic tendencies.

Having that in mind (pun intended), what thoughts repeatedly capture the “prime real estate” of your mind?

Why do certain thoughts and mental patterns take centre stage while others simply dissipate in the background (ie “backstage”)?

If you are patient enough to practice awareness and observe your thoughts as they unfold and veil your mind, you will come to terms with the core of your deepest fears; and often the essence of your truest values.

Our greatest fears are:-

(a) fear of being ignored / ridiculed / rejected / being deemed worthless (in reality the core of this fear is fear of being expelled from our social group (our “tribe”) and ending up all alone without access to resources, valuable connections and help); thus evoking a deep sense of uncertainty and lack of safety;

(b) fear of biological annihilation (incurable disease/illness and death).

Reversing our deepest fears can often lead us to some of our greatest values.

Usually these revolve around things such as:

a. Developing competence, mastery and usefulness (countering fear of worthlessness)

b. Getting in shape / improving our health and well-being (countering fear of biological annihilation)

c. Family /friends /social circle (countering fear of isolation)

d. Prestige / accomplishment / achievement (countering fear of being ignored)

“Thoughts” ?

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