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You don’t know what you don’t know.

Read the above statement again.

We often feel that we know enough about enough and that that’s enough, don’t we?

That being said, what we sometimes fail to realise is that our perception is often compromised by the low resolution filters we apply when perceiving the world.

A low resolution analysis is the instinct-driven default setting of our brain for lack of more information or knowledge about any given matter.

A low resolution analysis of a rustling sound in a bush may translate into an image of a wild tiger lurking in the shadows preparing to attack us; whereas a high resolution analysis based on true knowledge and evidence could spell out most explicitly that there are no more tigers living in the specific area or forrest; thus dispelling unfounded fears about the situation in hand.

Perceiving life through low resolution filters usually leads to the generation of presumptions, assumptions and presuppositions often unlinked to the underlying reality and true possibilities offered by the world.

To acquire true knowledge and thus attune our perception into a more accurate representation and understanding of the world, we should strive to form a higher resolution model of the world.

To do that we need to consciously and voluntarily aim at expanding the depth, breadth and quality of our knowledge about (and experience of) the world.

There are two fundamental ways to help us expand our wisdom and convert our low resolution presuppositions of the world into a higher resolution map of reality:

1. To learn by learning

2. To learn by doing

Each one of the two ways reinforces the other in a symbiotic relationship, elevating learning and polishing our perception in a truly virtuous cycle.

For the more we learn the more confident we become in doing; and the more we do, the more we learn by doing.

***For more information on the virtuous symbiotic connection between learning and doing/experience check out my book The MARVEL of Happiness: Principles, lessons and stories on living fully:

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