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Add a Catchy Title!


This is what my website’s blog editor suggests every time I open the window to write a new blog post:

It is as if my laptop screen silently whispers to me with a twinkle in the eye “let’s go out there and “catch” them!”.

“Catch whom?” I then immediately begin to wonder.

Catch the lost souls and spiritual wanderers who will happen by some form of divine coincidence to stumble upon my newborn website and blog while looking “out there” for synchronical events?

Catch likeminded people who may resonate with some of my posts, ideas and thoughts?

Catch truth-seekers and cosmic drifters who may be curious to find out more about my life journey of personal transformation?

Or simply catch more people who may be interested to contact me for booking a professional or personal coaching session?

This all sounds well but let us pause there and think about it for a moment.

I am truly an unknown entity in the non-legal world. I barely exist.

How will I be able to re-build myself from scratch? How will I be able to reach out to people and connect with them? How much time will it take for me to “make it”? Will I “make it”?

My reserves basically comprised of the final payment that I received from my previous job in a law firm (a proportion of the last month’s salary and of this year’s untaken annual leave) plus a modest sum of savings that I managed to put on the side over the past few years.

Will my reserves last until I “make it” and will these be sufficient to support my children?

Then I immediately fall back onto the one visualisation that has helped me go through some really turbulent times in my life when I thought that the world would simply implode and crush me into tiny pieces.

I visualise that I am an acrobat walking on a tight-rope.. I do not look below. I do not look behind. I do not look above. I keep my gaze straight into the l i g h t and I keep walking forward.

One step at a time . . .

I do not seek to make eye contact with the beasts that may lie below.

I may be walking over the flaming pits of hell… over the eye of a gigantic cyclone… over the event horizon of a black hole… I do not pay attention . . .. . I keep going forward. Straight into the light…

One small step at a time…

So relax…. Take a deep breath… and trust your path. Like the acrobat on a tight-rope.

Everything will be fine. Just look forward, keep your gaze into the light, tread gently and breath softly. Embrace every single moment and let the path take you home, where you are needed and cherished the most.

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