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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the 56th Edition of Marvellous Success Secrets*, the edition I’ve struggled with the most. Ideas float around in my mind, yet I’m uncertain what to write about. Perhaps the newsletter (or its author) is reaching a critical juncture—a point of no return.

Marketing guru Seth Godin famously said, “There is no such thing as writer’s block.” His point is that as professionals, whether we are entrepreneurs, artists, lawyers, accountants, or coaches, we must remain true and consistent to our work and our creative process. We need to keep “shipping” our work regardless of its imperfections or our mood. It might sound harsh, but this is the price we pay for our reputation and consistency.

A professional cannot simply rely on intentions or motivation to meet the expectations of clients or the market. Someone who depends solely on their desires or motivation to engage (or not) is, by definition, an ‘amateur.’

The term ‘amateur’ derives from the Latin ‘amator,’ meaning lover. Typically, when we say someone is an amateur in a particular domain, like dancing, writing, or playing tennis, we imply they partake in these activities because they love them. When amateurs don’t feel like engaging in their hobbies, they don’t. Simple as that. There’s no judgment; they don’t have paying customers waiting or stakeholders breathing down their necks.

Conversely, professionals don’t have the luxury of choice: whether they love their work at the moment or not, they must rely on discipline to stay on track and press forward.

The amateur’s engagement wavers based on motivation; the professional perseveres regardless. Where positive motivation charms the amateur, discipline energizes the professional.

In other words, professionals confront ‘resistance’ head-on and get on with their tasks. This delineation truly separates amateurs from professionals.

I eagerly await your thoughts below and, as always, am grateful for your engagement!


P.S. 1: ‘Resistance’ is a term popularized by the celebrated author Steven Pressfield in his seminal book, “The War of Art.”

P.S. 2: And with that, the 56th Edition has been penned!

P.S.3: ‘Marvellous Success Secrets’ is tbe name of Philippos’ Linkedin newsletter. The editions of the newsletter also get published in MARVEl Blog. Feel free to subscribe here.

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