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Dear Readers,

As I write this new edition, I find myself on the brink of an exhilarating challenge – delivering my very first TEDx talk at TEDXMolos on the 27th of March. The thrill of sharing ideas that resonate with me, especially those encapsulated in the second edition of The MARVEL of Happiness: Principles, Stories, and Lessons for Living Fully, fills me with anticipation.

Yet, alongside the excitement, a shadow of anxiety looms. The challenge? Condensing a broad spectrum of thoughts on what in my view makes up ‘the good life’ into the confines of an 18-minute talk. This situation reminded me of the importance of constraints in fostering creativity, one of the key tenets explored in detail in my aforesaid book.

Finally and quite interestingly, the element of constraint is both the topic of my talk as well as what helped me design the talk itself without getting lost in multiple thematic directions. Here’s how I navigated through:

  1. Zeroing in on the Topic: Selecting a specific aspect of happiness (namely the power of constraint) to focus on was crucial. It allowed me to channel my thoughts and energy more effectively.

  2. Embracing the Time Limit: The TEDx format, with its strict 18-minute cap, became an unexpected ally. It forced me to distill my thoughts into their most potent form.

  3. Scripting for Clarity: Though I’ve never been one to rely on scripts, nor will I rely on a script, drafting one for the first time for this talk provided a structure to my thoughts, ensuring adherence to the time limit as well.

  4. Rehearsal and Familiarization: Practicing my talk and familiarizing myself with the venue in advance helps in reducing anxiety, making the unknown a little less daunting.

  5. Feedback Loop: Engaging with trusted individuals to critique my talk allowed me to refine my message, ensuring it would resonate more deeply with the audience.

As I reflect on this journey, I realize that facing and overcoming the challenge of ‘speaking about things that matter to me’ in a structured format is a testament to the power of discipline and commitment in transforming anxiety into opportunity.

I’m curious to know, have you ever faced a similar challenge in presentations or talks of any kind? How did you navigate the balance between expressing a breadth of ideas and the constraints of time, context or format?

Looking forward to your thoughts and as always, I’m grateful for your continued engagement.

Warm regards,


P.S.: As the date approaches, the mix of nerves and excitement is palpable. Wish me luck, and stay tuned for insights from the TEDx stage! Here’s the link of the event for tickets and more:

P.S2: The core of the ideas I will be sharing can be found in my latest book. Here’s the link for more:

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