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As we near the official launch of the 2nd Edition of my book, “The MARVEL of Happiness: Principles, Stories, and Lessons for Living Fully” on 2 November 2023, this week’s edition of Marvellous Success Secrets touches on the inspiring journey of launching.

Launching isn’t just a social event; or a convenient container for selling goods or services.

Launching is an inseparable part of the creative process. It is where creator, creation and community come together to celebrate the arrival of something new in the world.

Launching is also a profound commitment. It involves:

  1. Setting a concrete date, marking the start of a new chapter.

  2. Securing a venue, creating a physical space for the ideas to breathe.

  3. Extending invitations, building a community around the vision.

  4. Orchestrating logistics, ensuring a smooth transition from vision to reality.

  5. Most crucially, it’s the moment of unveiling, where the creator engages with the audience in a Q&A session, answering queries and receiving feedback. This is where the abstract meets the real – where you share your creation with the world, embracing vulnerability and testing the integrity of your work.

The act of launching taps into a primal fear of judgment, yet it’s this very fear that propels us towards excellence, urging us to diligently plan and effectively host what will hopefully be a truly memorable event. On the flip side of fear lies the potential for communal acceptance and perhaps even of becoming a figure of inspiration—a compelling motivation.

“Launching”, whether it be a book, product, idea, or service, is therefore more than a mere formality or the icing on the cake; it’s a meaningful celebration of hard work, ideas, the journey undertaken to turn visions into reality, and sharing the ‘spoils’ of such adventure with the community.

It is where the creator, embodying the proverbial ‘hero’, returns home after a journey of self-discovery. Standing amidst their community, they dare to utter the words, “here, I made this, and would like to share it with you,” displaying both vulnerability and bravery, ready to be judged and hopefully applauded for it.

It is where the rubber hits the road.

May you find your own inspiration and courage to launch your own ideas and dreams, whatever they may be, into reality.

Thank you for being part of my journey,


PS1: “The MARVEL of Happiness,” has been recognised by Gold Magazine as one of the “Top 10 Books To Read” and “one of the most entertaining and useful guides for living a fuller life”.

PS2: If you are around, join us on 2 November at 18:30 at the Vinegar Factory in the old castle area in Limassol for the launch of the 2nd Edition of “The MARVEL of Happiness.”

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