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Welcome to Episode 24 of #marveltalks, an enlightening journey into the intricate world of human resources, psychology, and the modern workplace’s unique challenges, featuring Katerina Andreou, the founder of HR Innovate, a Psychologist, and a People-Centric Innovator.

In this episode, Katerina shares her insights and experiences on a variety of important topics, including:

👉 How her multicultural background shaped her HR and people management approach.

👉 The vital role of psychological profiling in effective recruitment and coaching.

👉 Exploring who bears the responsibility for happiness in the workplace: the employer or the employee?

👉 Unpacking the issue of disengaged employees and the silent damage of resentment.

👉 Addressing tokenism in corporate culture, where companies offer superficial benefits without genuine commitment.

👉 Developing strategies to manage narcissistic behaviors and abusive environments to promote healthier workplaces.

👉 Discussing the often-overlooked problem of C-level burnout and depression, revealing the deceptive nature of appearances.

👉 And much more!

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