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Welcome to Episode 25 of #marveltalks, an enlightening journey into the dynamic world of professional services and corporate leadership, featuring Cleo Papadopoulou, Partner and Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer at PwC Cyprus.

In this episode, we explore a diverse range of topics that paint a detailed picture of Cleo’s unique trajectory in the world of professional services and corporate leadership, as well as her passionate involvement in inclusion and diversity initiatives:

👉 Cleo’s early days: Transitioning from an aspiring ballerina in the UK into the field of accounting, Cleo shares her transformative journey and the pivotal moments that redirected her career path.

👉 Professional growth at PwC: Cleo discusses her progression from trainee to the first female partner at PwC Cyprus, highlighting the challenges, milestones, and critical lessons learned along the way.

👉 Inclusion & Diversity Leadership: As Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer at PWC Cyprus, Cleo addresses common misconceptions about equality, diversity and inclusion and she also examines how biases impact workplace behaviours and the potential risks of DEI initiatives affecting meritocracy.

👉 Learning & Development: As Chief Learning Officer, Cleo outlines her strategies for fostering talent within PwC Cyprus, and whether these strategies are driven by a genuine desire for growth or merely compliance with professional development requirements.

👉 Dance and Choreography: Cleo explains how she balances her passion for dance with her demanding career and draws parallels between the worlds of choreography and leadership.

👉 And much more!

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