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In 2018, after leaving a 15-year high paced career in law and a senior partnership position due to severe burn-out, I sought the opportunity to share my story at a local TEDx event.

Unfortunately, that effort did not bear fruit.

Six years (and many more lessons) later, the chance to become a TEDx speaker came knocking at my door.

Last March, I delivered my first TEDx talk, meditating on the power of constraints, titled “Leashing Your Potential: How Constraints Can Elevate Your Life.”

In my talk I explore the intricate balance between constraint and freedom in our pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.

Through anecdotes and historical references, I argue that leveraging constraint can provide direction, protection, and ultimately elevate our lives.

Here are the three key points of my talk:


  1. Constraints Keep Us on Track: Having too much freedom can lead to feelings of emptiness and aimlessness. Commitment and purpose can help us properly guide our actions and thoughts.
  2. Constraints Serve as Protective Barriers: Constraints can protect us from danger and prevent careless progress. At the same time, one is cautioned against blindly adhering to tradition or resisting change, as it can lead to stagnation and missed opportunities.
  3. Constraints Are a Pathway to a Meaningful Life: There’s a delicate balance between limitation and potential that runs through the fabric of our lives. Embracing limitations and challenges as opportunities for growth, can help us reach our ideal selves.

How about you?

Do you find value in limitations and constraints?

Or do you instead advocate for absolute, undiluted freedom?

I look forward to your thoughts below!


PS: Here’s the link to watch the full TEDx talk:

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