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Unleashing The Power of Communities

Anna is a Community Curator, LinkedIn Educator and Storyteller, and is driven to help individuals and businesses to build better and more authentic connections in a digital world.

She co-founded the #LinkedInLocal movement, an initiative to connect offline in real life that spread to 90+ countries in 22 months, and has since been validated by LinkedIn.

Anna also empowers entrepreneurs and brands looking to create and scale their own communities. She has a unique background in social media and recruitment and is an accomplished LinkedIn Trainer and Speaker.

During our talk we discussed about:-

-The story behind the incredibly successful LinkedInLocal movement 

-LinkedIn 101: How to win or lose on LinkedIn

-Leveraging LinkedIn so as to reach the gatekeepers in your industry  

-How to build a community that benefits everyone

-Skills required for / acquired when hosting events 

-Building rapport and trust online 

-Many more!

For more on Anna:

Streamed Live

The episode broadcasted LIVE simultaneously on Philippos Facebook page and his Youtube Channel on 17 July 2020.

To watch / listen CLICK on one of the channel icons below:

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