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Branding Your Way To Success

David is a leading identity and branding expert who has received over 325 international awards, ranked #3 worldwide for branding by Klout, and is the recipient of the Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship medallion,

He has been featured in ADWEEK, Forbes, INC, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Communication Arts, How magazine and numerous blogs and podcasts.  He is also the author of the best-seller book “Brand Intervention, 33 Steps to Transform The Brand You Have into the Brand You Need” as well as an entrepreneur.

During our talk we discussed:-

-Branding 101 – What is and what is not branding

-How to win and rise above the noise 

-How can one achieve brand clarity?

-To niche or not to niche – that is the question

-Personal branding: The importance of building one

-Humanising brands – the benefit of having brand ambassadors

-Apple, Samsung, Kodak, Toyota: Brand success and failure stories

-Attention vs trust: How to convert attention into revenue


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Streamed Live

The episode broadcasted LIVE simultaneously on Philippos Facebook page and his Youtube Channel on 21 July 2020

To watch / listen CLICK on one of the channel icons below:

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