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MARVEL Webinar No. 3

Leaving the safety of a 9-5 corporate job to become a freelancer and start your own business can sometimes be a challenging and nerve wracking leap if there is lack of sufficient planning, clarity of intention and self-motivation 

Philippos delivered this webinar sharing his experience on his journey so far into the freelancing world. 

Having left a six figure high-flyer job to embrace the freelancer’s journey and pursue activities and ventures that are closer to his core passion and strengths has allowed Philippos to gather valuable information, key insights and important lessons during the past years that I feel may be of value to you. 

The following topics and theme were discussed during the live webinar:-

-When it is the right time to go into freelance /set up your own business

-Why a freelancer is not necessarily an entrepreneur – and vice versa 

-Challenges and opportunities in going solo  

-Developing your branding strategy 

-Leveraging social media to build authority and personal branding 

-The subtle art of prospecting: Generating leads and clients 

-Pricing: A double edge sword?

-Building trust: The fastest way to fail to close deals


The webinar was addressed to anyone:-

-considering becoming a freelancer or setting up their own business

-wishing ti develop and expand their business and brand further

-contemplating a change in career   

To watch CLICK on one of the channel icons below:

Streamed Live

The webinar streamed live on Philippos’ Facebook Page and Youtube Channel on 28 July 2020.

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