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The incredible story of Edwin C. Barnes

In the first chapter of the blockbuster book “Think and Grow Rich” by the great Napoleon Hill lies the incredible story of an unknown young man named Edwin C. Barnes who set the audacious goal of becoming the business partner of the great Thomas A. Edison.

Without having a single penny in his pocket to purchase a train ticket and without any connection whatsoever to Thomas Edison and his company, Barnes jumped on the back of a freight train and travelled to New York so as to appear (uninvited and unexpected) before Thomas Edison.

As the story goes, relatives of Edison were sitting in the near vicinity while Barnes’ was announcing his proposal to Edison for a business partnership. They laughed and scorned the young man.

Edison did not laugh at all however. For in the eyes of the young man, he saw a burning desire and the unshakeable confidence of man who was determined to get what he wanted there and then.

Edison was moved by Barnes’ determination and gave him an opportunity to work with him. Not as his business partner of course but to help him around his office and company.

Within five years, Barnes managed to earn Edison’s trust. His big break came when he managed to promote the Ediphone, an invention that Edison’s team thought was a total failure; the young Barnes thought otherwise and having received the blessings of Edison he went out and managed to promote and make the Ediphone a huge success.

Edwin C. Barnes succeeded in becoming a business partner of Thomas Edison within five years of setting the goal and setting sail with his burning desire as his fuel.

This is a story of great determination, unshakeable grit and unwavering faith.

It demonstrates how a burning desire can fuel one’s journey towards the seemingly impossible.

Dear reader, what is your burning desire?

Is it aligned with your efforts, actions and beliefs?

If not, it may be time to take things in your hands and set sail for your own personal and professional transformation journey. It is never too late.

Remember that as a Chinese proverb states, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.

The second best time is now.

Well, what are you waiting for?

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