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Change is often misunderstood.

And novelty overrated.

We often get bored and annoyed easily.

We tend to localise our boredom and annoyance by generally blaming our existing environment and current circumstances.

Similarly we often display a whimsical proclivity towards change and this often translates into an aspiration for an overhaul of rules and a shunning away of tradition.

As if the mere pursuit of untested novelty and untravelled roads were sure-fire strategies to resume our motivation for work, our passion for life and for whatever else we choose to do.

There can be no meaningful or useful game without rules; equally there can be no viable game with a set of rules that constantly change.

Life without any form of predictable rules and structure (or “tradition”) may sound utopian to some but in fact it is equal to chaos.

Change and tradition are closely interwoven in the eternal game of life; just like a wave and a crest; light and shadow; flourishing and struggling; inhaling and exhaling. Change and tradition are the yin and yang of life.

Beyond the veil of our meaningless cries for change, it often pays dividends to give closer attention to home and be willing to patiently observe and see that our current situation and circumstances may not be that bad after all,

Equally, novelty often proves to be an illusory solution to the supposed cause of our existential angst or motivational dryness.

Many so-called life coaching gurus and change evangelists know this very well and yet they seek to exploit our vulnerability by selling us false promises.

Be careful who you look up to and even more so who you see as your savior.

At times the real game changers can in fact be the persons who help us rediscover truths we have forgotten and re-appreciate rules we have misunderstood. 

Those who have walked the walk and who have accumulated the wisdom needed to reanimate our souls and inspire us to play the same game all over again.


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