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Responsibility and Self-Image

Please do me a small favour.

Think of a person you truly admire.

It can be an accomplished entrepreneur, artist, actor, philanthropist, athlete, musician, philosopher, politician.

It could be anyone.

Really, take a moment to think about it.

Have one in mind?


Ok, let’s face it.

Chances are, the person you likely have in mind is unlikely to be an irresponsible person.

The people we tend to admire are usually the people we often want to emulate, at least subconsciously or in part.

Thus it is quite unlikely that you are drawn towards people who are irresponsible, apathetic or who lack a basic sense of integrity and meaningful orientation in life.

Similarly it is not a coincidence that there is a direct correlation between responsibility and self-image.

The more responsibility we are prepared to carry, the more likely we are to respect ourselves and to maintain a healthy self-image that forms the basic constitution of a positive external image as well.

A healthy self-image is the only guaranteed way for us to remain deeply grounded, well-composed and largely unfazed by life’s reserve of curve balls.

On the other hand, a shattered self-image often linked to one’s unwillingness to shoulder responsibility and confront life in a courageous way will almost always lead them into the dangerous pits of self-loathing, apathy and resentment.


*** Excerpt from my inspirational keynote speech “The Courageous Insurance Advisor” delivered on 20 May 2022 during the annual conference of METLIFE (in Greek).

For relevant video clip (Greek with Eng subtitles) click here.

For full speech (Greek only) click here.

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