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Everything matters.

Even the little things.

Especially the little things.

In fact if you think small things don’t matter, try splitting an atom in half and see what happens.

No heartfelt compliment is too insignificant to give.

No genuine complaint is too harsh to express.

No honest apology is too lame to utter.

No crack in your armour is too small to leave unattended.

Small things carelessly left in the fog tend to grow while we are busy tending to other things.

And cracks tend to get bigger, too.

If you see an elephant’s trunk protruding under the carpet, you can safely bet there’s an elephant under the rug.

Give credit where credit is due.

And ring the alarm where urgency is called for.

Remove the dragon’s egg from your house before it hatches into the beast that will wreak havoc and tear your life into pieces.


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